A Shingled Roof in Cincinnati to Meet Anyone’s Need

A well-built shingled roof in Cincinnati protects everyone and everything underneath. Asphalt shingles cost much less than slate, tile or wood shakes. However, asphalt shingles can last as long as those other types of roofing materials, but don’t require the additional structural support needed to install them. Sherriff-Goslin Roofing Company has the shingles homeowners want with the features they need.

Diamonds On The Roof

Sherriff-Goslin’s Art-Loc® 2nd Century is an incredibly durable diamond-shaped shingle that enhances a home’s appearance with a look not found in conventional shingles. They are an ideal choice for new home construction, but their unique interlocking design also makes them the go-to option for re-roof applications that will save you time and money and avoid the mess of a roof tear-off. Art-Loc® 2nd Century is available in nine colors and is made with Scotchgard™ Protector that helps prevent unsightly black streaks caused by blue-green algae. During the service life of your roof these Class 4 rated shingles will retain their look while maintaining their color and aesthetic appearance. They are also warranted to withstand winds as high as 110-mph.

High Performance Plus

Sherriff-Goslin also offers StormMaster® Slate, a high performance and durable shingle. These shingles come with a 130-mph wind resistance Lifetime Limited Warranty and have also earned a Class 4 impact resistant rating. Because it is also made with Scotchgard™ Protector, StormMaster® Slate resists algae streaks that make a house appear old and dirty and reduce its curb appeal. You never have to worry about algae growth as these shingles are warranted to retain the shingle’s color for decades.

Another Dimension

StormMaster® Shake and Pinnacle® shingles are made with the same technology features and algae resistance as StormMaster® Slate. However, they have a shadow pattern that gives your roof a dimensional look usually found with higher cost roofing materials, such as slate, tile and cedar shakes while offering a higher level of protection. These architectural shingles provide the advantages of lower cost, but with far less required maintenance. StormMaster® Shake and Pinnacle® shingles, made with a laminated process for added weight and strength, are also warranted to stay intact in the face of 130 mph winds. StormMaster® Shake shingles are also rated Class 4 giving the added impact resistant protection.

Before making a final choice of shingle to have installed, you should see an actual sample. Contact your local Sherriff-Goslin roofing contractor in Cincinnati to schedule a free roofing consultation and get started today!