Get Professional and Dynamic Roofs with Architectural Shingles in Cincinnati

When you need a new roof and are looking for a professional and dynamic look, architectural shingles in Cincinnati from Sherriff-Goslin Cincinnati are your best choice. We offer Pinnacle® Pristine roofing shingles that can give your roof a great look while also maintaining its integrity to a great degree. With professional contractors on the job, you can be sure that your roofing will be handled well with no error.

Architectural look

So, what exactly do we mean when we say “architectural” shingles? Typically, they are high-quality laminated shingles that give your roof a specific look. In the case of the Pinnacle® Pristine roofing shingles we offer, you get true laminated shingles with shadow lines that provide a multi-layered appearance that is reminiscent of wood shake. This can greatly add to your building’s curb appeal, while still giving you a dependable shingling layer that will protect your roof for years to come.

Match siding

With multiple different colors available for out Pinnacle® Pristine roofing shingles, your architectural shingles in Cincinnati can match your home’s color and general aesthetic. Keep in mind how shadow lines play into each color when making your selection as well, as this is an important part of making your choice of architectural shingles.

Similar protection

One of the best aspects of choosing architectural shingles in Cincinnati is that despite getting a great appearance, you don’t have to sacrifice protection and resistance they offer against the elements! Like the other shingles that Sherriff-Goslin Cincinnati has to offer, our Pinnacle® Pristine roofing shingles come with Scotchgard™ Protector, giving them the materials they need to retain color over time, protect against impacts, and prevent streaking from black algae.

Offering free roof inspections and estimates, as well as a variety of professional roofing services, Sherriff-Goslin Cincinnati has everything you can count on for a quality roofing experience. Check out our architectural shingles today to see if they match what your looking for in your new roof’s appearance!