Guarantee Protection this Winter for your Roofing in Cincinnati

As winter rolls around once again, you want to make sure that your roofing in Cincinnati is done right. Sherriff-Goslin has the products and certified contractors that you can trust. The high-quality shingles provided for your roofing make sure that for this winter and many more to come, your home is protected and secure. If you are looking for peace of mind with your roofing in Cincinnati, look no further than Sherriff-Goslin.

Big impacts, little problem

Sherriff-Goslin has some of the best impact resistant shingles available to ensure that your roof stays safe from heavier precipitation this winter season. Our StormMaster® Shake shingles deliver Class 4 Impact Resistance to your roof, the highest impact rating available for roofing shingles. If you have homeowner’s insurance, you may qualify for a discount on these durable shingles, and make sure that your roof holds strong. There’s always the potential for hail during the winter months, especially here in the Midwest, so you can make sure to prepare thoroughly by trusting the roofing contractors at Sherriff-Goslin.

Long-term care

Whenever you choose Scotchgard shingles from Sherriff-Goslin, you not only get the Scotchgard lifetime limited warranty, but you also get a Sherriff-Goslin 10-year free service guarantee against leaks. We want you to have full confidence in your new roof not just for this winter, but for years to come, and the only way to totally guarantee the job is done right and taken care of for the long haul is with the professionals at Sherriff-Goslin. We view every bit of work we get not just as a job, but as a commitment to our clients to ensure their roofing is done the right way.

Operating since 1931, the Cincinatti branch of Sherriff-Goslin has the experience and care that you deserve for your new roof. Whenever issues involving your roof come up, trust Sherriff-Goslin to do you right.